Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing Going On

There isn’t much to talk about today. I worked on some homework, took a couple of quizzes, and submitted a final paper. That has pretty much kept me on the computer all day. I still have to give a speech by the end of this week. It is an informative speech so I had to choose something I found interesting. In honor of Dad, I am speaking about the history of his favorite baseball team, the Cardinals.

I found some interesting information that I hope will make the speech. For those of you who know, (Russ), I have seen Bob Gibson pitch, Joe Torre catch, and Ozzy Smith field some crazy hops at shortstop. I’ve even seen an all out brawl at home plate. All of it happened in the old Busch Stadium.
I am glad they decided to keep the new stadium in the same area. If they moved it elsewhere and made it easier to find, then parents with young children coming from eastern Illinois would not be able to get lost in St. Louis. Some dads just always seem to get lost. You know, the areas your mother says you need to keep your doors locked and the windows up even in August when you have no air conditioning in the car. (Like they couldn’t break the windows, but we were safe. Comment made with heavy sarcasm). Thanks Mom!

So there’s my day. Not much is going on.


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