Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maybe It's Looking Up

I have a job. After almost a year, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This job will definitely fit me better than any call center. I’m not cut out for that. I need to see people face-to-face. So I know you’re on the edge of your seats to find out where so here goes.

AutoZone. Yes, I have some clue as to parts on vehicles and how they work together. Homeostasis in a car is heaven. That means it starts and goes. Okay, so I know a little more about how they make it go.

You all didn’t think I was just a pretty face did you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Are Wet

Yes we are. The Mississippi is making sure we know it's there. These were taken at local park that sits on the river and they were taken after we were supposed to start falling. With another storm on the way, I'm a bit concerned about that prediction.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oktoberfest Shots

Fun was had by all. It was a bit chilly that morning but it didn't seem to damper anyone's spirits. As you can see, some had more fun than others. As usual, I was the one taking all the photos. Hope you all enjoy these. I've been slacking on photos lately. I don't seem to get the kids as often as I used to and the pics aren't there without them. At least the ones most of you want to see.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Fun

These are just a few of the photos I have taken this month. Let's just say that fun was had by all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do Birds Have Radar?

I have a large bay window in my front room. I am constantly being startled by loud thumps at the window. It’s usually bad enough that I almost come out of my skin and I do not startle easily. I’m usually laughing at the person who tries so hard to scare me which generally causes them to be irritated at me.

On Saturday I was minding my own business, sitting with my laptop, and trying to finish some school work, when I was again startled by a loud thump on the window. As per usual, I put my laptop down, walked over the window, and looked out at the very odd scene before me.

Below my window are 3 birds. They were just normal sparrows not some fancy colorful birds. These are the ones who hang around my house. I see them flitting about from tree to tree all the time, and yes, they are the cause of the thumps on my window. This time, the perpetrator of the thump had actually stunned himself senseless.

He was sitting upright on the lawn and his buddies were sitting on the ledge to my neglected front garden watching him. I was convinced he had unwittingly committed suicide by plate glass. Then I saw his head move. Just barely. Because I am an avid photographer, I grabbed my camera to take his picture. His buddies did not seem to like the idea of an intruder on their odd little scene, so they flew away.

I proceeded to take his picture and he did not attempt to get up. As you can tell by the photos, I had plenty of time to snap a few and they were fairly close. He never tried to leave. Now because I hate the idea of any living creature being in pain, I told Keith we may need to see if there was anything we could do.

He went out to look at the bird and decided to pick him up. He thought maybe the bird had damaged his wing. As he started to pick the bird up, the bird all of a sudden took off and did not appear to have any problems with a wing. Apparently, he had knocked his identity out of his mind for a brief moment in time.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Boy did I get a surprise on Friday. I was minding my own business, which usually means I’m online trying to get through some school stuff. It never ends. Anyway, I’m off subject. So let’s start over.

Oh yeah, minding my own business. I received a phone call from my brother at noon on Friday. Now my brother doesn’t call me during the day unless there is something wrong with my mom. (She’s had heart issues for years resulting in a quintuple bypass in 2007 and a stroke last year that almost killed her). So, I, of course, think he’s calling because Mom is in the hospital again with something else.

My first question was, “What’s going on?” To which he replied with his own question. “What are you doing for lunch?” Keep in mind they live 460 miles from here. It took about 2 seconds for me to ask him, “Where are you?” He then replies, “We’re in Viroqua.” That’s like 40 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!

Yes, he surprised me. Him and my SIL decided to take a weekend drive and thought they would take the drive to see me (and the kids). Apparently, he swore Mom and his wife to secrecy. They told him he should warn me and give me some time to prepare for the visit. But he insisted on making it a complete surprise. And it was.

I don’t keep a completely spotless house, but when someone is coming to visit, I tend to go a little crazy with the cleaning. I’m sure most of you do. I started freaking out when I started thinking about the house and why it was so bad. Boo had only been off quarantine the day before. He sheds like nobody’s business. I mean he is a one dog shedding machine that never stops running. When someone is coming I will vacuum 3 times a day for 3 days before they get here. It isn’t that it’s horrible other times, but it sure isn’t perfect. So I was in shock.

It was a nice surprise as we haven’t actually laid eyes on each other for almost 2 years. Between their schedule and things going on here, there hasn’t been time for us to go there so it was a great surprise and visit.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boo & The Kid

Last Monday I was doing my thing in the house, you know the cleaning and homework things I do, when I was interrupted by a ridiculous amount of barking going on in the yard. I knew from the tone that Boo was not happy. He gets that way when there is something going on outside his fence, especially if there are kids taunting him out there. I thought it best I check it out.

I went out the front door because it was closest to where they were just to find some kid, (he was bigger than me), walking down the street, away from the house, and yelling at the top of his lungs. I asked him what the problem was and he told me my dog just bit him. What? He went on to say he was trying to pet the smaller dog, Maddy, when the big dog bit him. I was, of course, a little angry. Angry, you ask? Let me explain.

The fence is about 18 inches from the sidewalk. When I stand next to it, it comes roughly to my armpits. I cannot lean over the fence in any way standing next to it. That’s on the property. If anyone was standing on the sidewalk, there is no way they could reach across the fence. There you have it.

The kid would not come anywhere near me. I tried to get him to stop and he wouldn’t so I let it go at that point. About an hour later, a cop shows up at my door. He was actually apologetic. It turns out that the kid admitted to leaning over the fence to pet the “little dog” when he was bitten by the “big dog”. In other words, he was trespassing on our property, the only way he could have leaned over the fence, when he was confronted by a rather large and intimidating dog.

Now I’m sure that Boo warned him before he struck. I’ve seen it many times when he wants people to stay away from the fence. His hair is up and his teeth are bared. He is actually a little scary looking. The outcome of the story is simple. Boo had to be quarantined for 10 days here at the house. Tomorrow is his last day. That’s awesome. Poor boy doesn’t know why he can’t go outside to play and lay under his favorite tree.

The kid on the other hand, not only got bit and had stitches, but he also got a trespassing ticket. And before anyone thinks I’m a horrible person here, “the kid” is 19 and not mentally challenged. I asked.

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