Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost In Translation

I go to school online so it is a little different at times because I don’t speak with a person, I email and message them. It can make communication a little difficult because there can be missing information in a written dialogue. I believe it is referred to as being lost in translation. It is a tricky problem to negotiate and both parties should be on the same page, but that does not always happen.

We have links to follow in order to get certain information that will assist us in the lessons for the week. We click on them and read or listen, try to answer the questions we have been given by the course syllabus, and we hope we make sense when we are finished. My latest challenge is a speech course given over the internet. It seems like an oxymoron I know. How does this happen, you ask? It happens very delicately.

So, I have an instructor who instructs a speech class and he can’t write a comment that is easily understood. I know! How absurd! I was unable to follow a link because it was down for maintenance and I was not able to write about what I found on that link. In the paper, or word document, I submitted, I told him about the issue. His comment on the grade was as follows: “This is a good start, but please go back and review. This does not complete the requirements of the assignment.” I sent him an email asking for more information because I thought he meant I did not follow ANY of the directions. This was the reply:

“33% of the assignment was to complete #3 Using the group finder function, identify two local chapters of Toastmasters and list their contact information.

You did not complete this portion. However, the rest of your answer was strong and I chose to give you the benefit of the doubt for this assignment.”

Now, I put in the paper why I could not finish this assignment. He did not read it. I was not arguing with the grade I received. I understood that because I was not able to finish it. The webpage I needed was unavailable. For a speech instructor, he has some issues with communication.


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