Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Georgie and the Camp Intruders

Some of you know how much I miss Georgie. I still have my breath taken away when I see a Flashy Fawn Boxer. It almost feels like a ghost has walked in front of me. She wasn’t just a great dog; she was a beautiful, head turning dog. I admit some people would do a double take because they mistook her for a mean dog. I don’t know how anyone could mistake the Boxer Shake for mean. It seems a bit odd to me.

There was one instance; however, that she surprised us. She also surprised a couple of teenage boys. We were camping outside Saratoga, Wyoming for an extended period of time and it had been raining for a couple of days. We were camped by a nice creek that we could hear. The fire was a gathering spot because it was also rather cool up high in the mountains. We were camping with another family at the time and we had a total of 8 kids in camp. It was a bit chaotic, but there was never a dull moment.

Everything was pretty normal, kids running around, Amanda in her camp chair by the fire laughing at the antics of the other kids running around camp, Georgie lying on the corner of her sleeping bag, and the adults sitting around chatting. All of a sudden, Georgie jumped up, growled, and took off at a dead run right at two boys who unexpectedly popped up in the middle of camp. They had been fishing and had their poles in their hands. She went for their legs and she meant business. She actually got hold of a pants leg before Keith could get her attention. We really don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t managed to do that.

Now Georgie had never done that before and she never did it again. She was one of the friendliest, outgoing, tolerant, and loving dogs I have ever met. The kids could do anything to her and she would just sit there and take it. Amanda could dig her pointy, sharp little elbows into her side to get closer to her and Georgie would patiently lay there and let her. David and Brandon would lay on her and she would just lay there. Not one time did she nip at them. I think she felt she was their protector. Those two boys entered suddenly and she felt a threat. She was on it.

The picture I am posting with this should give you an idea of how almost inseparable her and Amanda were. After Georgie passed, I had to remove her from the photo albums because Amanda would just cry when she saw Georgie’s picture. It took a year for that to get better. During Georgie’s lifetime, the photos taken of Amanda without her in the same frame are few and far between. It’s almost like she knew.


cwitgo said...

My mom left this as a reply to an email. "Love this picture!"

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