Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost Anyone?

I have to admit it. I am a Lost fanatic. Since I have a DVR, it is most convenient for me to record and watch the show later. There is only one problem. The more I watch, the more I don’t know. If anyone else can make sense of it, more power to them. My theories have run the gamut from just a supernatural show to the ultimate battle between good and evil. I’ve even thrown in a little of Locke being in a coma. Maybe it’s just Hurley in the asylum and he has multiple personalities. Maybe Jacob is the real center here and he’s the one struggling to find his center and his sanity. My bet is on the time told story of good vs. evil. My daughter thinks Jacob’s twin is named Esau. Does that ring any bells?

I was raised in the church with the Bible as my guide. It is THE reference for the consequences of each choice. My favorite fiction book is The Stand. It also is based on who will win the battle in the end. I think next week I will be glued to the television like never before.


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