Sunday, April 11, 2010


The job hunt has been rather daunting lately. I do not seem to be able to get an interview these days and I know I am not alone in that position. I am still in school though and hope to change the employment situation soon. I have made the decision to continue on and obtain my bachelor’s degree. I am hoping that a combination of the associate’s in Medical Office Administration and the bachelor’s in Business Management will give me a cross section of jobs that will apply to me. I know I still have a couple of years left, but I think the economy will change enough by the time I graduate that I will stand a chance of realizing a dream.

My dreams came a little late in life. I started the family and put aside me for them. During that time, we four children and one of them was diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of two. For the next fourteen years, she needed me to be there more than I needed to go to school. She passed away in 2004 and in 2008 I was able to finally realize my dream of going to college.

Going to school after twenty eight years was a shock. I also chose to go online which was another major change for me. When I took the placement tests for the English and Math classes, I just knew I would pass English and fail Math. Boy was I wrong! I failed the English by one, count it, one point. After speaking with my stepmother, I found out there have been changes in writing since I left high school many years ago. She thought I did pretty well considering that. The funny part of the placement tests? Not only did I pass the Math test, I passed the Math test with flying colors. My admissions advisor just laughed at my obvious bewilderment. Let me assure you that taking College Algebra after that many years was a horrifying prospect. Even my brother who aced all the math classes said, “Ewwww!” He was no help whatsoever.

Since May of 2008, I have managed to get through algebra, Microsoft Excel, Access, and a writing class. I also managed to get through Anatomy and Physiology I & II. I guess I remembered more than I thought I did. Next term will be Speech. Woo Hoo!! Continuing on for the bachelor’s will entail more math and accounting classes. It should be interesting, but now I am looking forward to the challenges. When I started school, I was very apprehensive regarding my ability to succeed. The last two years have shown me that I am capable of conquering any challenge I choose to tackle. So bring it on!

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