Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fingernail Polish

I think there are some ways we have to show others how much we love them without saying a word. Amanda had a special way of showing her big sis just how much she meant to her and it all had to do with fingernail polish.

Although Amanda had some physical issues, she was still a girlie girl at heart. She loved clothes and had definite opinions about which ones she would wear and which ones she would not. Getting new socks was just as good as a new pair of shoes. If any of her clothes developed a hole in them, she refused to wear them. Even if I told her they were her play clothes and she needed to wear those when she was not at school, she would put her finger in the hole, look at me, frown, and shake her head no rather vehemently. Those who knew her know exactly what I am talking about. She had strong opinions and did not care if you knew it.

The one thing girlie I have always done, and Amanda liked, is wear nail polish. She would hold my hand, play with my nails, and ask me to put polish on hers. Now this was a timely proposition with Amanda. There was the process of picking out the color she wanted to wear, and then there would be the cleaning of her fingernails. All of the supplies would need to be in place before we started, because if you left to get something in the middle of it, she would have them a mess before they were dry. I always took my time to do this because it was fun to sit with her and just talk. She really enjoyed the process. Then it would end. Every time she was done, she asked me to remove the polish. Keep in mind, she picked out the color and requested it be put on.

There is only one person I know who could put polish on that girl’s fingernails that stayed on until it wore off. That was Cari. It did not matter what color Cari picked out to put on her fingernails, Amanda would not let anyone take it off except her big sis. Cari could remove it any time she wanted. They would simply pick another color and it would be applied. Again, no removal request by Amanda.

I think Amanda just worshipped Cari so much, the act of the nail polish application was her way of saying, “I love you Cari”.


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