Monday, April 26, 2010

Memory Land

I have been in memory land for a couple of days now. It started when my daughter decided to “steal” one of my pictures I had posted on Facebook of her at a much younger age. It is probably my favorite one of her. I still see that little girl when I look at her. I know she has a daughter of her own now, but my first thought of her is the little girl in the picture.

It is amazing how that happens. My kids have kids of their own, but I still remember Little League, Scouts, and camping. In my mind, Cari is still sitting on the table with a pair of HUGE white sunglasses on her face while we play cards with my brother and his then girlfriend. I see David with a wooden hammer in his hand, pounding away at board with different shapes in it. Brandon has all his Teenage Ninja Turtle gear on and Amanda is running around with no shoes on and that lop-sided grin she had. Funny how those things just pop up your mind.


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