Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Right to Privacy

Has our right to privacy been completely taken away? I have started to wonder after reading a rather quirky, weird news story about a man drinking a cup of coffee. It seems he was sitting in his own home enjoying his morning coffee when a woman and her child cut through his yard. In other words, they were trespassing. This story would probably never have seen the light of day except for one fact. The man was drinking his coffee in the nude. He was arrested and convicted of indecency. The conviction was thrown out, but the poor man incurred $15,000 in legal fees. He was in his OWN HOME!!!!! They were TRESPASSING!!!!! Somewhere along the line, someone lost sight of the fact that the woman was committing a crime when she reported the man to police. And we wonder where all our taxes are going.

The full article and more weird news like this can be found at the following link……


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