Monday, April 12, 2010

A Challenge

I have a challenge for all of you who read this. I have asked my family to jot down, write stories, or let someone know stories of their childhood. Maybe write stories of their children’s lives. Cute stories, sad stories, odd bits of stories. Memories need to be preserved. At some point down the road, someone will ask you what your childhood was like. Will you remember the most pertinent points of an event or will you tell them you don’t remember much?

I have always been fascinated by stories that older people tell me about their youth or early adulthood. I worked in the home care industry off and on for many years. I am usually spellbound by the stories of older people. I think about the fact that most of them remember the Depression, what their mom fixed for supper, or if they had no running water like it was yesterday. I wish I had asked if I could write those down. Life happens at all different stages of development and it should be preserved for others to enjoy.

So do me a favor and write.


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