Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Challenges

We all have personal challenges we have to overcome, or at the very least, endure. Mine usually involve other people. I really do not like confrontation and the only time I will actively engage is when my patience, and sanity, has been pushed to the breaking point. Afraid of going past that point, I will choose to mediate. It usually requires me to convince all others to give a little. Lately, I have not been so successful with this and it is particularly concerning because it involves one close to me.

Convincing others to stop, take a breath, and realize they need to approach an issue from a different perspective can be like hitting your head repeatedly against a brick wall. The wall does not give. Your head will take the brunt of the damage. This usually occurs when there is no acceptance of any responsibility on one or both sides. If even one person chooses to blame all problems on the other side, there will be no progress in the situation. That is the unfortunate position I find myself in. There is one person who chooses to play the blame game and involve others in that same game.

I am hoping that given enough time, this will resolve itself or I will find a way to get through to those who choose to keep closed minds. The bottom line is this, as long as some people continue to bring others into the equation and use them to bolster the blame game they will forever damage any chance of resolution. In my opinion, this would be an extremely sad outcome. Maybe they will reconsider their position and want a peaceful end to the situation. I can only hope.


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