Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Goodwill

I love Goodwill. It has really cool things and it is my store of choice to find Fossil purses. In the last six months, I have found eight, yes eight, of them just hanging on a rack at the Goodwill store waiting for me to find them. Since I love everything Fossil, I also own a few watches with that tag on them.

It is a bit of work to find these gems among the wannabes. First, you have to force yourself to get in your car and drive to the store. Then you must struggle to find the will to climb out of your car and walk into the store. Then you must deal with the agony of searching through all the bags hanging there. Some days there may be as much as 150 bags that must be combed through. You can just imagine the torture.

Today, the suffering paid off for me. I found a pristine and never used Fossil handbag complete with Fossil key still attached. Anyone with Fossil bags knows that is the icing on top. Well, today was my day. This bag, that did not look at all used, should have been around $100 new and I only paid $5.99 for it. I love Goodwill!


♥Cari♥ said...

I guess I need to go there more often. lol

cwitgo said...

I was stoked with this today. I love that store.

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