Thursday, April 22, 2010

Negativity Reigns

Negativity reigns in my house these days. It permeates almost every square inch of my life and the place I live. I look at those around me and wonder why they are so unhappy. I know life is not easy. In truth, it is extremely hard. There are many things that do not go our way and we often wish we could have a different life in some ways, but that is normal. Everyone has dreams of “the perfect life”. Reality is not perfect. Dwelling on the imperfect parts only succeeds in making people unhappy and making those around them unhappy.

I make a choice every morning when I get up. I choose to not dwell on the negatives in life. Now, because I am human, I have moments (and sometimes more frequently than I like) when I do not seem to be able to get past an event or something that was said to me. I will get angry or sad because it bothered me. I think the difference is that I don’t stay that way. I choose to let it go so I am not mired in it.

I did that once before with very bad results. Once I came out of it though, I decided I never wanted to be there again. Not letting go of insults, wrongs, or any other perceived insult is a miserable way to live. Can you image being angry, or unhappy, every waking moment of your life? How would that affect you? There would be no true joy in life. When you watched your kids or grandkids play, laugh, and show you love, you would not truly understand how good that was. Those moments would be tainted by some type of pessimism. I spent some time in that place and it was miserable. Every day was a chore to go through. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that?

Having lived through something that most parents never want to experience or would ever wish on my worst enemy, I find that life is what it is. I will probably never have a lot of money and I may not have much of a place to live but I know one thing. WE make life what it is. If we look at the world as though everyone is out to get us, we will be very unhappy. If we choose to find all the good we can, we will end our lives knowing we had a good life. That is what I want. I have people in this world who love me and that I love. It’s all I can ask for because it’s all that matters.


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