Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I think the last couple of days have been kind of slow for me in the blogging world. I’ve been working on my persuasive speech for school. That has taken a bit of time for me to put together. Of course when someone gives me a podium to speak my mind, it could be some time before I get the speech under control. It has to be a minimum of 5 minutes but no more than 10. I’m thinking that 10 may not be enough for me. Oh well.

There also hasn’t been much happening since Sunday. For all the apprehension, it turned out to be a really fun day. Even Paige, who wasn’t feeling well, seemed to have a good day for most of it. We had a couple of extras, friends of the kids, who came along. I think they had fun. They both asked about coming again, so I’m thinking they did. Good thing we like them.

So that’s all there is today. Hope you all had a good day and hope you read this.


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