Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Conclusion

I have come to the conclusion that I must like old stumps and wood, which explains my love of driftwood. I do seem to take an inordinate amount of pictures that include what I consider to be interesting and odd shapes of logs or trees. Just to prove it, I am including some of these shots with my post today.

Keep in mind these are not the greatest shots. With all the rain and storms, we’ve had a lot of algae and moss kicked up and floating now so it’s hard to get away from it. Don’t ask me what I was thinking about the first one though. I just saw a log in the water. You will notice that I didn’t just take a pic of the water, there is a log laying there. The next one I just liked the contrast of colors between all the green and the red of the dead stump.

It doesn't make sense, but hey, neither do I.


The Blogger's Concierge said...

Wow! That last picture is amazing -- on my screen, the wood looks lavender!

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