Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I thought today I would choose one of my favorite photos of her to post. Cari has most of the good ones because she is with her enough, she gets more chances. But I do have a couple. Here’s one I like.

Paige is a funny girl. She’s little Miss Independent most of the time, but when she’s here, she’s only worried about the “puppies outside”. When she was younger, she could not keep her hands off the dogs, but this last year, she has become afraid of them. However, she talks about them all the time. I really wish she could get over her fear because Maddy is showing all the same types of behavior Georgie did when it comes to the little people. She’s very gentle and patient with Paige. If she could only get over that fear, I believe she would have a best friend. We will continue working on it.

So Happy Birthday Baby Paige! I love you!


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