Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change Of Plans

So now we have decided to wait until tomorrow to put a boat in. But, it isn’t the boat I thought it would be. It’s the 3rd boat that came to live here. You know, the one where we found out Keith had REALLY lost his mind. He has been scouring the internet for some help with this boat. Mostly to no avail. It isn’t that it’s such a rare boat, but the motor and drive are. Finding parts are almost impossible and because of the age, finding someone who knows anything about it is difficult.

This morning he had success. He found someone in Madison who is extremely familiar with this boat and the drive assembly with it. After he spoke to the man, he was on a different track than he started out on this morning. So, instead of the green machine in the garage, he will be ready to put the turquoise machine that is currently in Stoddard, in the water tomorrow. Wish us luck. I’ve included a photo of that one too.


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