Sunday, July 25, 2010

Boats and Boats

Today is kind of a slow day. We had Braedon overnight last night and he does really well with it, but he sleeps like Cari used to, all over the bed. He slept with me last night because Brandon had to get up early this morning to go to work and he isn't set up to have him sleep with him. And, by the way, I was able to show Braedon that even old grandmas can throw a football. He was impressed.

Dave and Keith are putting the green boat in the water today. Dave has taken over the boat and Keith has kept the little blue one for himself. They hope Dave's is ready and today is the test. I'll have to let you know later about the maiden voyage.

There really isn't much to tell here today. Just a normal Sunday of do a little bit at a time. Still working on school and I have midterms this week so that has been preoccupying my time.

The photos I have included here are so you'll know what boats I'm talking about. The first one is Keith's and the second is Dave's. They're having fun with them.


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