Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School's Out!

Today, I finished the first term of school. I'm doing the "New Age" kind of school. It's all online. After nearly 30 years of being out of school, online is a little more than I think I bargained for. Not being able to talk to an instructor in person is a bit overwhelming at times. Let's face it, I wasn't raised in the era of computers. My kids went to school and worked on computers. Part of their curriculum was a computer class! The closest I got to that was a typing class that was done on an electric. Not quite the same. I did survive though and I think that's all that counts. Of course, there are many more classes to go, so I should be really computer literate when I get done. Good luck to all those trying to do the same.


kevroll said...

Nice blog lady, I especially like the crazy gfriend comment! Yea school is a biatch and I know I'll never go back full time, I will go to classes here and there to get what I need and that's about it. Yea kids just don't get it these days, definitely a different generation with all too much money and a take care of me attitude out there. Makes me want to scream sometimes!

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