Monday, June 23, 2008

Again With The Spoiled Kids!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that their kids don't need rules. I almost always see the kids whose parents are divorced, the kids are moving from one house to the next every week, are the ones who feel they can order everyone else around. I often wonder if their sense of entitlement lets them down as they age. I mean, life isn't the easiest thing to survive. It is a series of disappointments. I'm not saying it isn't great. I think it is. Life is wonderful, but for those people who were given everything as children, it must be very hard. We know as they get older, they will here the word "no" on a regular basis. How do they deal with that? The ones I've known personally, have been miserable as adults. I don't see how they can appreciate the simple things in life if they expect the very best in terms of "things" or are always told "yes". Do they appreciate the smile they got from the checkout girl? Do they enjoy a really nice day? Do they feel true joy from watching their kids play in the sprinkler?

What do we owe our kids? I think we owe it to them to teach them failure. Without failure there is no sense of accomplishment when they succeed. There are no goals. There is nothing to work toward. There is no pride at having reached those goals. It is okay to fail. It is what we do with that failure that counts


Kevin said...

I didn't see this until now, good stuff you have good insight on subjects for sure. What's the next one going to be? I will be eagerly waiting!

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