Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Outside The Box

I have often heard the expression "think outside the box". Most of the time it refers to business management or advertising. Today, I realized that it applies to many more aspects of our lives. Most people live in a box. All they see are the four walls of their lives. There is nothing outside of that. They are not open to outsiders or new ideas. What they see is a box. There are no opportunities to be found because they can see all there is inside their box. They will not meet people who might deeply affect their lives because those people live outside the box.
As I watched the inauguration today, I came to a conclusion that hit me like a ton of bricks. Prejudice lives in a box. It does its very best to keep others out because it would upset the balance of the box. Prejudice is an insidious part of society that should never be allowed to expand and infect anything or anyone outside the box.
Outside the box is a wonderful world where there are no limitations. We can expand our knowledge and experiences without something holding us to the four walls of a box. I hope that after the events of today, America will live outside the box.


Anonymous said...

And as usual, I totally agree!! Well put cwitgo.

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